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Electricity Visualized! Teaching Circuits in AP1 with ideas from the CASTLE Curriculum.

CASTLE stands for Capacitor-Aided System for Teaching and Learning Electricity. It is a conceptual curriculum available for download from Pasco Scientific (go to https://www.pasco.com/prodCompare/castle-kit/index.cfm and scroll down to find the downloads). The curriculum is a basically complete set of activities, … Continue reading

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“Nothing is too wonderful to be true” – Michael Faraday’s Law

Science is moved forward by observations and experiments, yet some observations are too subtle and some experiments too complicated to reproduce in the classroom.Michael Faraday’s discovery of electromagnetic induction combines observation and experimentation yet requires nothing expensive or complicated. It … Continue reading

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The Displacement Current

The Displacement Current is an important achievement in 19th century theoretical physics. James Clerk Maxwell applied the idea of induction to the area in between the capacitor plates in a charging (or discharging) circuit. ┬áHe found the changing flux acts … Continue reading

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