Modeling in AP Physics C Mechanics – Pacing Guide

A/B/C Block Schedule

Marc Reif

The APC Exams are Monday, May 3, 2021.

For 2020-2021 The students in AP Physics C have about half had AP Physics 1, about half have not. Most (I think) are enrolled in AP Calculus AB or BC. 

Instruction begins on Friday, 13 August 2020 Our school is on A/B/C block. Each class meets two 82-minute sessions (A/B) and one 42-minute session (C) every week.

We have about 160 meetings before the AP Exam. There are about 34 A/B meetings  and 13 C meetings in the first semester and 31 A/B meetings in the second semester and 12 C meetings before the APC Exams. That is 6380 minutes or 106 hours or 4.4 complete days of instruction. 

So, first semester 47 actual class meetings and second semester 43 actual class meetings. 90 days of instruction before the exam. 

Text Randall Knight, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, A Strategic Approach, 4ed

Unit 01 – Tools
Text Chapter 3 (vectors)
Vectors (including unit vectors), Graphical Analysis, Measurement and uncertainty, Scientific method, Calculus concepts and elementary methods.<2 weeks

4 meetings

13 August to 25 August
(optional unit)
Unit 02 -1d Kinematics
Chapters 1 and 2
Constant Velocity Model, Constant Acceleration Model, Constant Jerk model, elementary calculus~2 weeks (including test)

6 meetings

August 26 – Sep 11
Unit 03 – 2d Kinematics
Text Chapters 3 and 4
Projectile Motion, Uniform circular motion and Nonuniform rotational kinematics~2 weeks

6 meetings (including test)

Sep 14- Sep 29 
Unit 04 – 1d Force
Text Chapter 5-6
The Force Model>2 weeks

8 meetings (including test)

30 Sept -16 Oct
Unit 05 – 2d Forces, Circular Motion
Text Chapter 7-8
Applications of the force model, systems of objects, vectors (ramps, etc.), circular motion>2 weeks

~6 meetings 

19 Oct – 3 November 
Unit 06 – Momentum
Chapter 9
Momentum Transfer Model and Impulse>2 weeks

8 meetings

4 Nov – 20 Nov

This unit probably won’t require this much time, but this takes us up to Winter Break. Could stretch out earlier unit or could start energy earlier. 
Unit 07 – Energy
Chapter 10-11
Energy Transfer Model, power, potential energy functions2 weeks

~6 meetings 

(some Chap 10 energy concepts on semester exam)

30 Nov to 14 Dec
Unit 07 – Work
Chapter 11
Additional applications in work and energy~2 weeks

6 meetings

6 Jan to 20 Jan
Unit 08 – Rotation
Chapter 12
Rotational Models~3 weeks

~10 meetings

21 Jan to 12 Feb
Unit 09 – Gravitation

Chapter 13 
Gravitational Potential and Energy, elliptical orbits,
> 2 weeks

~8 meetings

16 Feb – 5 March
Unit 10 – Oscillation
Chapter 14
Simple Harmonic Motion, Pendulums (simple and physical)2 weeks

6 meetings

8 March – 19 March
REVIEW – additional depth on Calculus topics>1 month

14 meetings for review

29 March to 30 April

About marcreif

I live and teach high school physics in the town I was born in, Fayetteville, Arkansas. My professional interests include modeling instruction and Advanced Placement courses. I also work as a College Board Workshop Consultant, which means I lead Pre-AP and AP Science Teacher workshops. Lately I've also been leading a fair amount of student review sessions for the National Math and Science Initiative. I have a website for students ( and another for AP Summer Institute participants ( I tweet infrequently (@marcreif).
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4 Responses to Modeling in AP Physics C Mechanics – Pacing Guide

  1. Kami says:

    Hi Marc. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing. Do you have a similar pacing guide you use for AP1?

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