Pinterest Boards for Teachers

Last year, inspired by my oldest daughter’s obsession with Pinterest, I started making Pinterest boards for high school physics teaching. Pinterest is a website that allows you to create “bulletin boards” of images (with a snippet of text) “pinned” from websites. The boards are themed, and viewers can click on the images to visit the websites that they come from. Pinterest itself feeds you pins that it thinks you may be interested in, and there is a social media aspect to the whole thing. Users are encouraged to follow each other, sharing boards and pins. A lot of boards are themed around fashion, accessories, food, home furnishings, and luxury objects. Mine are themed around science books and lab equipment (insert nerd emoji here).

Okay, so maybe this is a dumb idea, but unlike most of my dumb ideas, I’m not alone on this one:Capture

I currently have boards on AP Physics Essential Books:


AP Physics 1 and Physics C Mechanics Lab Equipment:


Electricity and Magnetism Lab Equipment:


AP Physics 2 Labs:


AND Outside Reading for AP Physics:


I have a couple more science teaching boards in progress, but they don’t have enough pins yet to count as much. I’m not a huge fan of Pinterest. Like most of the Web, it seems to exist mostly to get you to consume more. But, for the purpose of sharing teaching ideas, it has some advantages:

  • There is a browser add-on that lets you quickly add pins to your boards.
  • The search and social media aspects make it easy to see what other teachers are doing (although there don’t seem to be a lot of HS physics teachers using Pinterest right now).
  • The images make it more useful and more appealing than my old “Useful Links” page.

If you are a science teacher with a board for teaching, please share with me.


About marcreif

I live and teach high school physics in the town I was born in, Fayetteville, Arkansas. My professional interests include modeling instruction and Advanced Placement courses. I also work as a College Board Workshop Consultant, which means I lead Pre-AP and AP Science Teacher workshops. Lately I've also been leading a fair amount of student review sessions for the National Math and Science Initiative. I have a website for students ( and another for AP Summer Institute participants ( I tweet infrequently (@marcreif).
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